Sunday, December 28, 2008

FMLN desecrated a Washington church - with Funes present

The FMLN, with presidential candidate Mauricio Funes present, desecrated a Christian church in Washington last December.

The desecration took place on December 12, 2007, according to a video of the event. As the video shows, the FMLN decorated the altar with its communist red banner, and filled the church with the "FMLN Hymn" whose words pay tribute to the Soviet-backed guerrillas who fought the democratic government in the 1980s.

The FMLN is the Spanish initials for Farabundo Marti National Liberation Front, a union of five Marxist-Leninist factions created under the personal supervision of Fidel Castro in Cuba in 1980.

Farabundo Marti was an agent of the Stalin regime in the 1930s, a Comintern operative who founded the Communist Party of El Salvador.

In the video above, FMLN militants are seen in church making a clenched-fist salute and waving a red banner from the pews.

In the video below, Funes gives a speech in the church.

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